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Hire a Coach or a Minibus in London at the most affordable rate

We are a leading provider of coach hire services in the United Kingdom, with a large fleet of vehicles less than 5 years old. We can guarantee cheap minibus hire and coach hire prices, with professional and dedicated services. Try out our free and instant online quote form to get our team work on your price, our average response time is within 30 minutes! If you prefer, you can also ring us at 0208 665 5561 to get an instant quote.

Coach Hire & Minibus Hire Prices Information

Coach hire prices tend to fluctuate throughout the year like any other consumer-based service that undergoes demand and supply changes. Many people are surprised at that the cost of hiring a coach can be so high, but remember these are often high-capacity vehicles so taken on a per-passenger basis the actual price for hiring the coach can be quite reasonable.

At Buses Excetera we like to be transparent with you so we will try to explain in an easy way how we calculate the price for your minibus or coach hire.

Factors Determining Coach Hire Prices

  • Type of Vehicle: The size of the vehicle is one of the main determining factors when calculating the price of your journey. In terms of fuel consumption is not the same to move a 16 seater minibus than a 70 seater double-decker bus. But don’t be afraid! Even if the total price of the coach rental increases, the price per passenger will considerably decrease. For being able to give you the best price, we own an extended fleet of vehicles with different capacities to accommodate your party.
  • Seasonal Demand: Supply and demand ultimately determine the coach hire prices that are given by coach and minibus operators. As any other business operating in the tourism sector, the coach hire industry is strongly affected by seasonality. As a result of this, the prices for hiring a minibus or a coach can considerably differ between the summer peak season and the quietness of the winter.
  • Characteristics of the trip: The traveled distance and timing of your journey are the last main aspects to consider when calculating the price for your service. There is no need to say that at major distance major fuel consumption, so it is easy to understand why the distance affects the price. Timings are very important because when you hire a coach or a minibus you also hire a driver. All passenger-carrying drivers are subjected to National rules in terms of driving hours that can not be omitted. Depending on the time length of your trip you may have to provide accommodation for the driver or even hire two drivers in order to respect their driving and resting times.

To summarize, when talking about coach hire prices, there are a large number of factors to keep in mind. Fortunately for you, our years of experience as coach operators and the efficiency carried during all the little aspects of our activity allow us to give you the most affordable prices for your minibus hire or coach hire.

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