Environmentally Friendly Coach Hire

Climate change poses many challenges for all transport organisations. Carbon emissions are a significant climate change issue, steadily increasing the Earth’s surface temperature and adding to Global Warming. It is estimated 26 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year are produced.

Coaches are the greenest form of ground transport producing only half of the CO2 emitted by rail, quarter of a car and 1/6 of air travel.

Here at Coaches  Excetera we are always looking to help with any environmental issues and in turn reduce emissions, we focus our energy in the following environmentally friendly ways:

Reducing Pollution

The European Commission Standards, released in a sequence of European Union Directives, outline satisfactory limits for exhaust emissions for all new vehicles sold in European Union member states.

All our vehicles adhere to European Commission Standards and comply with Euro III, IV and V.

The engines on our vehicles utilise the SCR (Mercedes) or EGR (Scania) systems.

BlueTec technology is based on a selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system designed to convert NOx emissions to water and Nitrogen. Offering high efficiency, reduced emissions, and exceptionally economical fuel consumption.

Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) – EGR works by re-circulating a portion of an engine’s exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders, the exhaust gas replaces some of the excess oxygen in the pre-combustion mixture. Since NOx formation progresses much faster at high temperatures, EGR reduces the amount of NOx the combustion generates.

Low Emission Zone

All our vehicles comply with the Low Emission Zone and avoid paying a surcharge on entry to the zone by meeting the Euro III and IV standards.

Reduce Congestion

Coach Travel also helps reduce congestion on the roads. A single coach can transport 53 passengers thereby substituting 13+ cars on the road, yet take the space of two cars.

‘Take the environmentally friendly approach, Choose Greener Travel by choosing Coaches Excetera’

Coach hire is a greener way to travel …

Nowadays everybody is under increasing pressure to do their bit for the environment, and coach hire is one way to help solve the problem. Companies aspiring to adhere to CSR should look at more economic forms of ground transport and travel management.

We aim to reduce carbon emissions throughout our entire fleet, through internal initiatives. In addition, we are also trying to cut fuel consumption by 2% across our fleet. As a former member of ‘Carbon Clear’ we understand what’s needed to manage carbon and other emissions from our coaches. We are now moving a step further and introducing proactive initiatives to deliver true carbon emission savings.

Coach hire and travel with Excetera means efficiency for all.

Our modern, well-maintained coach hire fleet already has one of the lowest levels of carbon emissions within the UK coach industry, but we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint further still. More importantly, CO² emissions, calculated in kilograms per passenger per journey, show that coach travel is already one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport currently available. Statistics taken from the Department for Transport/National Atmospheric Emission Inventory 2004, reflect this claim.

CO2 emissions in kilograms per passenger per journey
Mode of transportLondon to EdinburghLondon to Bristol
Assumes 1.56 people per car. ** Modern high-speed electric train. *** Modern diesel train. 
Source: Department for Transport/National Atmospheric Emission Inventory 2004