Our Team

The success of a company depends on its people and at Buses Excetera we do believe in this.

Every member of our staff, from Reservation – Operations to our hand picked drivers all play a key role for in success: Buses Excetera is a company formed by a team of dedicated professional.

We believe that our staff is the fundamental part we need to develop and maintain the reputation that Buses Excetera has built over the years.

At Buses Excetera we like to think that everything we do, is done at its best, this is why we always review and improve our procedures to maintain our quality and our standard.

We run training programs for all our staff because we believe that a highly trained member of staff can offer a better service to our customers. 

Training is an important part of our staff development, and this is why we have an enviable level of long-term staff retention.

Buses Excetera promotes equal opportunities for all employees.

Our Operations and Service Team have joint experience of over 60 years within the Coach Tourism Industry.

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