Heathrow Airport

Buses Excetera are pleased to be able to offer airport transfers from Heathrow Airport. Before you book your transport please famaliarise yourself with the information below.

Heathrow currently has 5 terminals; please check which terminal you are arriving at.

Scroll down to see maps of the different terminals.

Coach Release Procedure

Coaches are allowed to go forward to the appropriate terminal after the flight has landed. When it is time for the coach to be released from the West Ramp Coach Park the driver will be given a permit to allow him to collect your groups from the designated charter coach areas on the Terminal forecourts. There may be occasions, however, when the charter coach bays are full to capacity. In these instances, coaches must remain in the coach park until space is available.

Tour Representatives and Couriers

The tour representative and couriers should escort the group to the designated charter coach areas on the relevant Terminal forecourt and should liaise with the Forecourt Traffic Manager (Coach Marshall). In the event of a group of passengers being ready for collection before the statutory time has elapsed, the tour representative or courier should contact the Forecourt Traffic Manager (Coach Marshall) who will decide whether or not the coach should be called forward.

Any queries regarding the coach should be addressed to the Forecourt Traffic Manager (Coach Marshall) on the forecourt.

If a Forecourt Manager (Coach Marshall) cannot be found, the tour representative should go to the information desk within the relevant terminal or call the West Ramp Coach Park directly on 020 8745 5833.

Terminal Maps

Terminal 1

Terminal 2

Terminal 3

Terminal 4

Terminal 5

Forward Coach Park

West Ramp Coach Park

Useful Telephone Numbers

West Ramp Coach Park 
Customer Facilities Department020 8745 4625
For assistance with Operational problems (24 hours)
Duty Officers020 8745 4619
Coach Controller020 8745 5833
Terminal Information Desks 
Terminal 1 (0700-2200 hrs)020 8745 7702
Terminal 2 (0600-2230 hrs)020 8745 7115
Terminal 3 (0600-2230 hrs)020 8745 7412
Terminal 4 (0530-2230 hrs)020 8745 4540
Heathrow Operations Star Centre (24 hrs)020 8745 7216

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