Vynil Wrap Branding

Are you looking for a new way to promote your business?

Maybe you are looking to advertise a new product or service? Or you need to stand out with a big showcase at a big corporate event?

Buses Excetera is proud to offer the perfect solution for branding your business: Vinyl wrap vehicle branding.

Take advantage of our large fleet of coaches for hire to make sure your company brand is remembered by clients, partners, and prospects. Advertising on our coaches and buses allows you to hit a large audience every day as they are driving around London constantly, during busy times of the day and evenings. A branded bus or coach with a vinyl wrap is definitely a highly effective system to give visibility of your brand.

​Vinyl wrap is a technique to transform the external appearance of a vehicle with any images or logos of your choice. Whether you need single-board advertising or use all the surfaces of a huge double-deck bus, we can do it for you. We work alongside specialists who can create your specialized vinyl wraps.

Why choose us for bus or coach advertising?

We have a wealth of experience in the branded coach hire area. As you can see in the pictures, many distinguished organizations have chosen our coach advertising for their marketing campaigns.

The Spanish government and Canary Island tourist office used our coaches to promote their destination during two of the most prestigious events in the travel trade.

Virgin Money hired one of our minibusses for 2 weeks to drive their promotional hostesses and models for the duration of their work, giving extra value and efficiency to their promotion.

So just to recap, bus and coach branding is a great way to hit the market hard with a fresh marketing campaign. 

For more detailed information on booking your own branded coach, e-mail us with your requirements at info@coachesetc.com